Russia F-35A Stealth Fighters Tam Taktak An Ithawh Cang (VIDEO)


Nihin ah newcarsz nih alanghter ning ahcun US nih a ngeihmi raltuknak vanlawng thabik F-35A Stealth Fighters 54 cu hmunkhat te ah Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska in an ithawh cang tiah a ti. Stealth fighters hna hi Northern Hemisphere lei panh in hmai an hoih I, an duhnak hmun poh a phan khomian si tiaha ti. US nih hibantuk in Stealth  Fighters a zuanter hi Russia ralrin peknak a si tiah theih asi.

Zeitintiah  Russia nih NATO cu ralrin a rak pek cang. Atimi cu,Ukraine kongah NATO nih hriamnam na pek rih asi ahcun Russia cu dai tein a um lai ti ruat hlah, na cungah thil atlung dingmi cu na hmuh bal lomi asi lai tiah a rak zohnak

Tutan US nih aa ngeihmi raltuknak vanlawng hi a tha taktak mi an si. Mirang nih a tialmi hi rak rel hmanh; Given the F-35’s advanced networking capabilities, larger numbers of the jets operating in tandem introduces tactical possibilities that were previously not possible. For instance, while it was engineered to conduct surveillance and launch attacks at effective standoff ranges and dispersed formations, the F-35 is also built with a common Multi-Function Datalink (MADL) network. MADL quickly and efficiently connects F-35s to one another, enabling rapid transmission of intelligence information, surveillance data, or targeting detail between formations or squadrons of the jet. This means groups of F-35s can coordinate across formations spanning large operational areas, due to the speed, security and effectiveness of the datalink. A key point here is that, while the F-35 is built to function independently, it is also engineered to leverage its ability to cooperate across formations, which greatly increase combat effectiveness and effect.

Russia nih hin Ukraine hi fak taktak in a phomh sual lai ti an thinphang cio cang. Russia nih hin NATO lehrualchamnak ah Ukraine hi a hloh sual lai an thinphang cio cang. Tutan ah hitluk in timhtuahnak a ngeihmi zong hi zeibantuk lungput he a si timi Russia Source zong nih an langhter rih lo. Ukraine tuknak kongah aa timtuah ning a zual chin lengmang caah US nih Russia ralrin peknak ah tiah hitluk tam in Stealth Fighters a thlahnak asi ti asi.