Bible nih Oneness Adirkamhnak Pakhat Hmanh Ka Hmu Lo


Dr.Aung Myint Thang nih atimi  cu, Bible ca pumpi ah ningcang tein Oneness dirkamhnak bible cacang pakhat hmanh ka hmu lo’  ati. Cu lawng hlah, Tutan ah bia elnak a um ahcun Trinity, Oneness zumhnak kong lawng si loin, Oneness nih Pathian an hmuhning, holhtheihlo kong le tuchan ah biaphuan/langhnak timi phunphai tiang debate ah tongh chap ding ti asi.

The upcoming online debate between Unitarian and Trinitarian view-holders about a persistent theological trend has been tentatively set for the first half of the final quarter of this July. Using indisputable biblical, theological, psychological, philosophical, and phenomenological resources and stances I shall unshakably stand in defence of Trinitarianism against Unitarianism that dismisses the substance of distinct personalities in the Deity.

However, knowing that our mutual confrontation focuses on the words of the God of love and of peace, the debate will take place in the form of both a theological consultation and a biblical discussion led by the Holy Spirit as directed by God’s people who will chair. Because biblical dialogue is becoming increasingly rare in our modern culture in every community, we hope that this discussion may benefit those who may join us in some capacity and help promote our spiritual values to some extent. May the Lord God monitor our event, and His Spirit navigate our path in all our doings! AMT